Become a Thought Leader in Web3

With Web3 evolving each day and limited resources to follow, getting involved in the space can be intimidating. The KYVE Academy is a free resource of specially curated courses and tutorials for all levels, sharing our expert knowledge in the crypto/blockchain space and further spreading awareness of KYVE’s capabilities.

Free to learn

Like our trustless data, KYVE Academy is completely free and open to all to participate! Our goal is to enable anyone and everyone who wants to get more evolved and more confident in their knowledge in Web3.

Community Building

By learning on KYVE Academy, you’ll not only gain new skills and knowledge, but also make connections with KYVE’s dedicated community and team! Coming together to further support a secure and reliable Web3 future.

Featured course

KYVE Fundamentals Level 1

Just find out about KYVE and not too sure what it is or how it works? You’ve come to the right place! Once this course is completed, you’ll be a pro in understanding KYVE’s core concepts and structure. This is a beginner level course aimed to help spread knowledge on KYVE’s main mission and technology. To go more in depth on KYVE, be sure to stay tuned for the Level 2 of this course, or check out our developer courses.

KYVE Fundamentals Level 2

Completed our Fundamentals Level 1 course? Let’s kick things up a knotch and get more technical… In this level 2 course, you will learn all about KYVE’s more in-depth, technical concepts such as blockchain architecture, economics, tokenomics, governance, overall network incentivization, and more.

Discovering The KYVE Network

Curious about what the KYVE Network entails? It’s important to note that KYVE is not just our data lake solution, but also an entire tech stack developed around it! In this course, you’ll learn about KYVE’s tech stack and the different technological solutions it provides, such as ELT Pipeline and Oracle.

About KYVE 

As Web3 expands, completely accurate, decentralized data becomes harder for the public to access. Ultimately, this can lead to scalability roadblocks and dangerous data inconsistencies.

KYVE Network is revolutionizing customized and secure access to trustless data by providing fast and easy tooling for decentralized data validation, immutability, and retrieval. With KYVE, developers, node runners, analysts, and more no longer need to worry about tedious querying or relying on centralized, non-validated solutions when sourcing or building with data.


“I recently completed KYVE academy lessons, and I must say that it was an outstanding learning experience! The course was very well-structured, with clear and concise explanations that made complex concepts about Blockchain, decentralization, $KYVE delegation and Cosmos ecosystem easy to understand. The academy’s content was highly relevant to what I’m interested in. Moreover, the course materials were top-notch, and the online platform was user-friendly and easy to navigate. There was only one problem when I clicked “Complete Course” instead of “Next” and I couldn’t come back to “Conclusion” page any more. Hope the team will resolve it. Overall, I highly recommend Kyve Academy to anyone looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in Blockchain. It was definitely very good time investment and I feel more confident and competent as a result of taking this course. Thank you to the course team for such a great learning experience!”


“The @KYVENetwork academy really was very interesting, and gave some theoretical knowledge and filled in the gaps, and some things I looked at in a new way.”